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Monday June 18th 2007, 1:57 am
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Nice chart of the Kinect and its clones, what OSes they work with, and the results you should expect. (2014)

Remaining film festivals that won’t accept films that’ve been online. (2013)

List of cameras you can use for live video input to a computer.

MacRumors Buyer’s Guide warns you when Apple’s about to release a new model in a given product line, which typically drives down the price of the stuff you’re looking at right now.

EveryMac, detailed specs for every Mac model.

Snapsort, a well-designed camera buying guide.

Last iOS version supported by old iDevices.

FVTech, CalArts Film and Video dept.’s best-practices guide.

Animated cutaway view of a computer’s CPU.

Canon DSLR models that shoot video (2011)—at the moment, arguably the best possible value for money in an HD camera.

Why is 300 dpi the standard for print graphics?

Aftermarket Mac laptop batteries from OWC, a useful resource now that Apple’s raised prices on replacements.

Canon Hacker’s Development Kit, a wealth of new tricks for Canon cameras.

Evaluating YouTube‘s automated content-recognition abilities (2009).

HD codec breakdown (2009).

PrePal, a great database of used musical instrument prices.

Geekbench scores to compare the relative speed of popular computer models.

International Dialects of English Archive, a great reference for actors.

Bulk 3D glasses, the old-fashioned paper red/blue kind.

How fast is…? compares various flavors of USB, Firewire, Ethernet, ATA, SCSI, and ethernet. RAM Upgrade Guide. Comprehensive list of what type of RAM goes with what model computer. You can often find better bargains elsewhere, but this is a useful first stop when shopping for the stuff.

Video camera recommendations (2010); snapshot of a rapidly changing field.

Quicktime version history, a breakdown of what formats are supported in each release.

Cables and adapters, all kinds, cheap: in the US, PC Cables or Monoprice. In Canada, Infinite Cables.

MIT Video Guide, by Tom Buehler (2008). Still an excellent reference, especially when dealing with older codecs. For detailed current codec info, you can also check out the U.S. Library of Congress.

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