The Story of Enoch (Rule or Ruin #2)

The Story of Enoch
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>>  #2 in a series of 6

Enoch receives a premonition of disaster, so he sets out to collect as many books as he can find, to preserve the knowledge of the world. But, lacking reliable divine guidance, all his careful preparations come down to a straight-ahead, all-or-nothing gamble….

format: DV video
software: Commotion, Final Cut, Audition, Photoshop
Los Angeles, 2003.

Broadcast on CBC TV 2005.

One Response to “The Story of Enoch (Rule or Ruin #2)”

  1. Lovely work and really would no do it justice to trot out lame and inadequate comments here. Suffice to say, it is great to see that all too rare combination of vision and competence.

    Are you working with dancers or dancemakers in your work?
    We are celebrating all aspects of dancefilm and dance on film and film-dancing at the LIDFF in London in Nov 2007. If you have any work you would like to submit to the festival please contact me and I will send you details of submission procedures.
    Sandy Strallen
    Curator – London International Dancefilm Festival 2007