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Rule or Ruin (series)

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

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A cycle of six short films, created between the beginning of the Afghan War and the beginning of the Iraq War.

format: DV video
software: Commotion, After Effects, Final Cut, Photoshop, Audition
Los Angeles, 2004.

Disarmed (Rule or Ruin #5)

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

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>>  #5 in a series of 6

My cousins used to play this odd little game; they were about five and three years old at the time. The older one would pick up the remote control to the TV, point it at her sister, and say “Turn you off”–she’d obligingly fall to the ground and play dead. Then the remote changed hands, they’d change places, and the game would begin all over again. It was carried out with the solemn gravity of an execution by firing squad.

This short is a grown-up version of the same game, played with a grown-up weapon…

format: DV video
software: Commotion, AfterEffects, Painter, Final Cut, Audition
Pittsburgh, 2002.

Broadcast on CBC TV 2002.

The Story of Enoch (Rule or Ruin #2)

Monday, January 23rd, 2006

The Story of Enoch
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>>  #2 in a series of 6

Enoch receives a premonition of disaster, so he sets out to collect as many books as he can find, to preserve the knowledge of the world. But, lacking reliable divine guidance, all his careful preparations come down to a straight-ahead, all-or-nothing gamble….

format: DV video
software: Commotion, Final Cut, Audition, Photoshop
Los Angeles, 2003.

Broadcast on CBC TV 2005.

Art of News

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Art of News
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I love this little opener I created for the Pittsburgh public-access show Art of News. The jack-in-the-box was puppeteered with wire rods that I painted out in Commotion, which worked out so well I’ve been looking for an excuse to do it again ever since.

format: DV video
software: Commotion, Premiere, Audition, Acid
Pittsburgh, 2001.