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info:  Tools for art restoration and retrocomputing
role:  Researcher, Developer
when:  2018–present
where:  Toronto
Pix2Pixelvision was launched on August 15th, 2018—the 40th anniversary of the Telidon graphics format, created in 1978. My goal with this project is to come up with a set of open-source examples emulating analog and early digital imaging systems, both to use as art-making tools and to help me understand how the systems work.

  • TelidonP5 allows NAPLPS vector graphics files to be displayed in a browser using p5.js. Its companion decoder library naplps.js can also be used independently. (Historical note: The Telidon workstation hardware was discontinued in 1985, but a variant of the graphics format, NAPLPS, thrived and remained in wide use throughout the BBS era, until the early 1990s. From 1982–1985, members of the Toronto arts org InterAccess used Telidon systems to produce an ambitious series of interactive BBS-based artworks in the format.)

  • DeeSeventySix simulates the underlying physical system of developing analog film, and can generate datasets to train image pairs for Pix2Pix models.

  • GeeBeeCamera uses shaders to imitate the end result of historical systems in realtime. Includes a GameBoy camera shader.

  • Vectrexperiments explore sending and receiving XY control voltage using analog audio.