Bluetooth Disappears
Sunday July 02nd 2006, 6:58 pm
Filed under: OS X

Here’s an easy one: if you have a Mac with built-in Bluetooth, and your Bluetooth icon suddenly grays out, and clicking on it gets you a “Not Available” message, and your System Profiler insists you have no Bluetooth adapter at all…?

Unplug all your USB devices, turn the computer off (don’t just reboot), and turn it on again. Drove me nuts.

thanks; I tried that yesterday and it didn’t work.

I also tried the next step: taking out the battery. And, on advice from someone else: pushing the on button while the battery is out, and then restarting. That didn’t work either.

Comment by Marion 05.17.06 @ 11:00 am

Same issue, tried all the above. Any more ideas? It goes in and out on the XP side as well. (via bootcamp) On the XP side, however, a window pops up saying a USB device has malfunctioned.

Comment by mike 11.28.06 @ 10:30 am