Types of Anti-Aliasing
Tuesday September 22nd 2015, 12:06 pm
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1. FXAA (Fast Approximate): Post-processes the final rasterized image to smooth edges. Very fast but poor quality, adding blurriness. Aka MLAA (Morphological).

2. SMAA (Subpixel Morphological): Like FXAA, but compares across multiple frames. Substantially reduces blurriness at a modest performance cost.

3. SSAA (Super-Sample): Renders the scene at a larger resolution and downsamples. High-quality with no artifacts, but extremely slow. Aka FSAA (Full Screen).

4. MSAA (Multi-Sample): Detects the edges of geometry, renders only those areas at a higher resolution, then downsamples. Good balance between speed and quality but sometimes has inconsistencies between frames; hardware support can be limited. Aka EQAA (Enhanced Quality), CSAA (Coverage Sample).

5. TXAA (Temporal): Like MSAA, but compares the edges of geometry across multiple frames, delivering greatly improved quality with comparable performance. However, currently has extremely limited hardware support.

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