Making Sense of Unity Timeline
Friday September 15th 2017, 6:46 am
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1. Create a new Timeline file in your Project pane.
2. Create an empty GameObject (named, for example, TIMELINE) and select it in the Hierarchy pane.
3. Add a Playable Director component to the TIMELINE object.
4. Drag the Timeline file from your Project pane to the Inspector field of the TIMELINE object.

5. Add an Animator component to each GameObject in your scene you want to control with the Timeline. (You don’t want to add a Playable Director to each GameObject.)
6. In the Timeline pane, add tracks to your Timeline file and give them helpful names. (Don’t try to drag/drop in the Timeline pane, even though that seems intuitive.)
7. Select the TIMELINE object in the Hierarchy and drag each GameObject you want to control to the track in the Inspector, not the Timeline pane.

9. Finally, you’re ready to hit the record button on a track and animate some properties.
10. Save the Timeline file and press Play to see your changes.
11. You can’t edit Timeline track keyframes in the Timeline pane’s keyframe view. Edit them individually in the Animation pane, or select and reposition multiple clips with the Timeline pane’s clip view.

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