Blender Keyboard Shortcuts
Sunday November 06th 2016, 10:13 am

I find the default keyboard shortcuts in Blender very frustrating. Here are a list of changes that I prefer, adapted from Nimble Collective’s excellent video tutorial.

Step 1.
File > User Preferences > Input > …

Step 2.
Select With: Left

Step 3.
3D View:

  • Rotate View: Alt-Left Mouse
  • Move View: Alt-Middle Mouse / Alt-Cmd-Left Mouse
  • Zoom View: Alt-Right Mouse

Step 4.

  • Pan View: Alt-Middle Mouse / Alt-Cmd-Left Mouse
  • Zoom 2D View: Alt-Right Mouse

Step 5.
Image > Image (Global):

  • View Pan: Alt-Middle Mouse / Alt-Cmd-Left Mouse
  • View Zoom: Alt-Right Mouse

Step 6.
Search Box: [loop select] > Mesh > Loop Select:

  • Select: Double Click

Step 7.
File > Save Startup File

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