Power Manager Reset
Sunday June 08th 2008, 6:03 am
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If you’re getting odd hardware errors with a Mac laptop, try the old voodoo trick of a power manager reset before you assume it has a mechanical fault. For instance, recently I started getting “Error Code 0x8002006E” when I tried to burn a DVD. This code is supposed to report a bad blank disc–but if you get the message no matter what you have in your drive, that obviously isn’t your problem.

The specific instructions for a power manager reset vary by model, but it involves turning off the machine, unplugging it and taking out the battery, and holding down a certain key combination for a few seconds. (On newer models, the secret key is mercifully just the power button.)

Here are step-by-step instructions for various models of:
68K Macs
PPC Macs
Intel Macs (note that the Power Manager is called the “System Manager” now)


I do get this error (0x8002006E) when trying to burn CDs and DVDs, unfortunately this happens on a Mac Mini (10.4.11), not a portable. Any suggestions what to do in this case?

Same brand of CD works fine on my Macbook (10.5), so I do not assume it is the CD that is causing the problem.

Comment by Tom 06.22.08 @ 3:27 am

For just about any model disc burner, there will be certain brands of blank media that give it trouble. Since the Mac Mini most likely has a different model burner than the MacBook, try another brand of blanks.

Aside from that, isn’t the Mac Mini made from laptop parts? Even though it hasn’t got a battery, maybe following the (MacBook?) instructions for a power manager reset would accomplish something?

Comment by Nick 06.22.08 @ 9:34 am