RGBD Sequences in Maya
Tuesday October 08th 2013, 9:22 am
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This will be expanded soon. In the meantime—can you edit the camera position of an RGBD Toolkit sequence in Maya?

1. You have a virtual camera in Maya that you can place however you want, so the simple answer is: yes.

2. However! If you shot the RGBD scene with a real-life moving camera, then your material has real-life camera movement permanently baked into it. If you want to work in Maya and freely reposition a virtual camera, best to shoot the real-life scene on a tripod.

3. Unless! You want to be really clever and use match-move software (Maya and After Effects both come with trackers) to track the calibrated RGB video from the DSLR camera. (Kinect depth images are useless for that kind of tracking; way too weird-looking for match-move software to understand.) You could then create a virtual camera in Maya that matches the real-life camera you shot the scene with. Then anything you animate in Maya moves in sync with your original recording. (You’re still stuck with the original real-life camera move, however–remember that’s always permanently baked into the RGBD data.)

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