Kinect and XML
Wednesday March 30th 2011, 7:55 am
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Update: Our XML-based Kinect mocap tool now has its own website, For general Kinect setup help, look here.

To record joint data or OSC output by the OSCeleton Kinect mocap utility to an XML file, to play back the XML, or to convert it for use in After Effects, get this KinectToPin Processing sketch from GitHub.

…the practical upshot of this? You can send all your motion capture information to your XML file in realtime, without worrying about capturing your video image. Then, you can read the file back later and do all the complex rendering you want in full HD. By the way, the sketches will work with anything that uses OSC, not just a Kinect–all you have to do is modify the XML tags to suit your needs.

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